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Even people around me agreed I resembled him.

Oh, you definitely have a Remus-y side.

he pretty clearly only called me Moony as a sort of 'look how buddy buddy we're being, we go way back, aren't we such good friends' signalling. Ew.

... talk about having a lot of nerve. Wow.

Do the Dursleys know that if he doesn’t do his homework he might get kicked out and be THEIR responsibility again?

Yeah, good point. But if they got to keep him locked in a room, they might be okay with that.

... as an adult, the Dursleys make my blood boil.

Aaaand the Dursleys are being Dickensian again. Although Harry’s talking back now – he’s become a teenager! (It only gets annoying in OotP, right now it’s still fun and hilarious because he’s doing it to people we hate.)

I loved that so much when I was re-reading it.

“Harry had broken wizard laws just like Sirius Black.” Hahaha cute, teenagers.

See, I think that's intentional. Even though we obviously don't know Sirius is innocent yet, there's a parallel between them in the sense that both are on the run, both are innocent... so yes, Harry's making this about him, but there's also a connection, IMHO.

Did Arthur know about James/Sirius (not like that) before or did Fudge tell him? How well-known was the whole thing? Draco knows, but he’s related to the Blacks, whereas Madam Rosmerta, an actual adult living in a 100% wizard village, has no idea about the whole betrayal.

I wondered that too when I read it! Since IIRC that chapter makes a fairly big deal out of how little known it was, my guess is that either Dumbledore or Fudge told Arthur due to him being Harry's surrogate parent, in a way.

I remember how upset people (uh, me) were when his middle name turned out to be stupidly boring John, heh

I remember that!

The Shrieking Shack is the most haunted building in England – quite a feat when you consider it wasn’t even inhabited before 1971. Also, Hogwarts is in Scotland so how is it the most haunted building in ENGLAND. :p


Suddenly the common room is buzzing with Hogsmeade excitement, as if the village didn’t exist before now. Was the Trio deaf and blind that they had no idea the third-years and higher went away for the day every so often?

I also don't get why Hogsmeade is treated like this place no one ever goes to. I can see why for some students, Diagon Alley would be easier to get to, but is it really not visited by anyone apart from Hogwarts students and faculty?

He probably knew what it looked like and he just needed to find Peter before the MoM found him.

There's actually someone really tragic about that, if that's what happened. A lot tragic. If instead of rushing to make it look not bad (AND avenge James and Lily) he'd dropped a line to Dumbledore... but he'd just lost his best friends, I doubt his line of thinking was at its steadiest. :(

“Trained Hit Wizards from the Magical Law Enforcement Squad.” Not Aurors? Is that a name she came up with later?

Yeah, my guess is she came up with Aurors in GoF. Because it also doesn't make sense that they're not here, unless they just stayed in the background.

Ooo the photo album of course. Wait, wouldn’t there be any pictures of Lupin? :p (Eh this can be handwaved away as the focus being on J&L so there's only pictures of them, and maybe they had a tiny wedding.)

I'm with you on that. Especially considering he apparently hadn't noticed Sirius in them before. Also, Remus may have looked different - better robes, tidier hair, etc.

This is actually such a nice image, them drinking Butterbeer together. Nice parental moment. The man with the son he never had and the boy with the dad he never had, kind of thing.

I like that comparison.

“You mean, from Mr Wormtail or any of these people?” Note how he mentions the one person who is safe to mention without any (emotional) fallout.

Ooh, good one.

Uh if it’s sunset isn’t it like 11PM? Since it’s June and all.

It's a funny detail readers won't catch if they don't realize how late the sun stays up in the UK in June. Here's my confusion: JKR was born, raised, and wrote all of her books in the UK. Shouldn't she know??

ch and is beating herself up that she should have told someone. Being Muggleborn she shouldn’t have the anti-werewolf prejudice Ron has (apart from ‘wait werewolves are REAL?’) and Remus has been nothing but nice and awesome to everyone who isn’t Snape, teaching Harry to fight the Dementors and whatever. But I guess this is part of Hermione’s black and white thinking which she sometimes falls into? I dunno. It’s kind of weird.)

The only thing I can think is that the Muggle world technically has werewolves, but they're typically depicted as bad. Plus, she's studied them, and... probably not in the best light. Same with Ron. They're also under the (understandable) impression that Remus has been double crossing them this whole time, so their sympathy level isn't very high. It's sad, though, and I wonder if any of them thought about it after the fact.

It DID occur to me that this might have been the seed for Hermione's pro-SPEW stuff in the next book... I can honestly see her having gone home and read up on other magical creatures she felt might be misunderstood or oppressed. She probably took werewolves being good as a huge learning moment, whereas Ron... probably added this to his "reasons I suck" pile and closed the metaphorical door on his way out. (Because he may actually have been as secretly insecure as Remus.)

Ugh. Sirius is now of course extra vulnerable to the Dementors since he just finally got some happy thoughts, the first ones in twelve years. :(

... my heart. :( You know, for all the Remus fangirling I did, I feel sorriest for Sirius here. Okay, yeah, he was a bit idiotic in how he handled things (liking cutting the Fat Lady's portrait), but I also think he's still quite unhinged. So finally he gets a bit of sanity and hope...

“That brings her total of real predictions up to two.” Did anyone of us ever go like “so her first real prediction was about Harry and Voldemort”?

I'm not sure, but I think that was more or less assumed by a lot of people. However, I may also be remembering post-OoTP fandom, where it was confirmed but we still didn't have all of the details (such as Snape being the one who overheard).

Oh he gives the Cloak back. So his werewolf form does keep his clothes on? I’m confused

That would be a good question for Tonks. Or Sirius. Or both. ;)

*Hedwig’s Theme as we go into the closing credits*.

Now it's in my head. :P
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