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The Dursleys come off worse as we go on. They work as Roald Dahl-esque characters in the first books but as the books get more... realistic... their over the topness really doesn't fit. At least they do get better later on, with Dudley even apologising in the end. But yeah, looking back it's like... "why are you people so INSANE."

The whole "omg I broke wizard laws just like Sirius Black!!" was particularly amusing to me because it's like, yes Harry, you are EXACTLY like a guy who murdered 13 people with one spell. How very dare you. Bad boy. Way to jump to the most dramatic point, haha.

Sirius is definitely the most tragic of them all. :( Even the Longbottoms at least forgot what had happened to them and seem reasonably happy. Snape's life sucks but at least he gets to boss people around as a teacher. With Sirius, basically everything he's done for the last twelve years or so just sucks. At least he'll have one good year coming up now (before things go even worse for him).

I think Jo came up with a lot more worldbuilding during the 3 Year Summer, including the fact that the 'Hit Wizards' (lol) are actually named Aurors. And the "sunset in Scotland is actually much later than that" is another one of those things that fans notice and Jo didn't. :p (A quick Google confirms that in Scotland in early June, the sun sets at about 10PM.)

Good point about Hermione being inspired to start SPEW partly because she had been misjudging Remus for so long. I also have to cut her some slack - she's known he was a werewolf for something like 9 months, plenty of time to research it some more and realise just how incredibly dangerous he could be. And of course she probably had no idea the Wolfsbane Potion existed (although she knew Snape was giving him something strange, but that could have been anything) so for all she knew he was a raving monster every month, in a school with a few hundred kids. I wouldn't necessarily be all "yay cool awesome!" in her shoes either. Still, the vehemence is a bit odd.

Yeah I bet Tonks and Sirius know whether he keeps his clothes on or not. :p Haha. *still shipping that OT3*
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