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Actually, now I'm wondering how the Malfoys are talking about Sirius. Is he their disgraced cousin for not joining Voldemort or do they have some grudging respect for him now since he apparently joined after all? Sirius mentions the inmates at Azkaban being angry with Peter so the true story WAS known among the Death Eaters? Ugh, I'm confused now.

My personal interpretation is that the Malfoys and most of the other DEs were always completely aware that Sirius was innocent, either because they were in on Voldemort's plan or because they just knew Sirius well enough to tell that he'd never turn on the Potters. It's good because it makes sense and it pours on the pathos!

Snape ‘warns’ Remus about Neville, who is the son of friends Remus lost in the war (in arguably a worse way than James and Lily). This just makes him asking Neville to help more poignant, honestly.

D: D: D: I never thought about it like that. POUR ON THE PATHOS.

So weird that that actor popped up in Galavant later on. (And holy shit I JUST found out he's also in Community?? I completely didn't recognise him with those glasses and that hairdo)

Pop POP!

What even WAS that line.

I have always wondered. My best guess about that stuff was that Kloves the Awful thought he should try to show Sirius as this deeply emotions-y person to up the angst and make a greater contrast with the audience's previous understanding of him as a crazy murderer. And then did it really ham-fistedly.
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