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(I used to play recorder for something like 12 years :p)

How did I not know that?!

t definitely doesn't talk down to children.

And then the Three-Year Summer... I discussed the series with a couple of friends the other day, as I was rereading OotP, and of course we ended up talking about the Three Year Summer. One of them said that he felt that GoF was, from a fan perspective, the hardest point to have that 3-year gap. Voldemort had just come back, Dumbledore was gathering the troops, but we had no idea what was going to happen. I have to say, I feel the exact opposite...

ITA with this entire paragraph. It was the perfect time, and arguably what made the TYS work in the first place. PoA and OoTP ended with questions, especially OoTP, but in PoA we figured eventually Sirius and Harry would get to live with each other (*sad sigh*) and OoTP, well, everyone knew about Voldie now. GoF was the one where we really had no stinking clue what was going to happen.

n). One day I read an article about Warner Brothers squashing down on Harry Potter websites, and one British girl named Claire fighting back to be allowed to maintain her

I remember that. Wow, you know, from a 2017 perspective that's actually kind of adorable, because while sites aren't so much a thing anymore, there are about 400 fcebook pages for different interests. But it struck people as a threat back then. (Although actually, even then I remember criticism (of WB) coming from people who weren't even in fandom. It was definitely used as an example of big companies coming down on their own consumers. Especially as Claire would've been what, fourteen? So maybe it was less of a 2000's!internet thing and more WB thinking they were going to get away with suing a fourteen year old girl.

As far as TLC goes, I think because it was more of a news site, it probably stayed safe. I feel like they may have even tried for an endorsement with WB or... something. Of all the sites, they were definitely the most involved with people involved in the books and movies.

Really neat that it helped you with your English, too.

! I remember endless debates after Jo dropped in an interview that if she were to visit Hogwarts, she would go to a certain room mentioned in passing in GoF),

...I vaguely remember that! I should read some of Jo's old interviews.

PTSD? And of course the villagers immediately suspect him. Sigh.

My guess is it was meant to be PTSD, yeah. :( JKR is actually very good at portraying mental illness. (Speaking of the way she influenced our generation...)

Hee, where DOES Dumbledore go during the summer? To Aberforth’s? Maybe he and Snape take cruises (although maybe not this summer as I bet Snape is still salty from last school year).

I want a fic of that!

Wait, people have been sending Harry cakes – wouldn’t they go stale really fast? Also how does SIRIUS send a cake?

Yeah, I thought of that myself.

“Allowing Harry to go would make Harry happy, something Uncle Vernon had struggled against for thirteen years.” HARRY IS JUST A KID, JESUS.

I know.

Aw, Arthur and his plug collection. And he’s shaming the Dursleys into being nice to Harry! Go Arthur!

Yes, indeed! His (understandable) shock that the Dursleys didn't even want to say goodbye.

Heh, the Bulgarian MoM can speak English.

I think it's probable Fudge was a complete asshole from the get go ("my name is FUDGE, like the SWEET") and the Bulgarian Minister decided to have a field day with it.

Of course Hermione read a book called The Rise and Fall of the Dark Arts.

It was probably an easy beach read for her.

Natalie McDonald joins Gryffindor.

*Heart tug*

“Neville’s memory was notoriously poor.” Actually, was his memory wiped or is his memory just naturally bad?

I always took it as his confidence, honestly. He was so afraid he'd forget something that he constantly forgot things.


That was pretty much my reaction.

The Beauxbatons students stand when Madame Maxime enters, huh. Hermione’s judging the shit out of them, ugh.

Wait, really? I don't remember that.

“Did you put your name in the Goblet of Fire, Harry?” Dumbledore asked CALMLY.

*Cracks up*

Although I always thought that movie!Dumbledore was just panicky. Which is the opposite of calm, mind, but I don't think he was meant to be angry, I think he was very aware that something wasn't right and trying to figure out what was going on. But the scene played out like he was angry as opposed to worried.

“Last year Dementors, this year dragons, what are they going to bring into this school next?” Umbridge.They're bringing Umbridge next.

Oh goody.

Hee Ron and Harry having a fake-wand swordfight. Oh 14-year olds.

I love the imagery there, too. And you know everyone was staring at them, and Hermione was glaring at them sideways while also making it abundantly clear that she was uninvolved in their shenanigans.

(On the other hand, she may have been enjoying their rekindled friendship.)

Fred asking Angelina to the ball was cuter in the movie

It really was, and I remember wishing that they hadn't shown the clip when they were showing previews for GoF! It wasn't really a huge spoiler or anything, but still a cute moment I would've preferred being surprised by. /Old gripes


Let's just say I hope it's always a giant mother, because the alternative... ow.

The Willow was planted after Molly left school. Huh. Just how much older are the Weasleys than the Marauders?

I always figured at least six years older, given that Bill was born when MWPP would've been in their third year.

“What I was, even I do not know.” A Horcrux. You were a Horcrux.


“We will see each uzzer again, I ‘ope.”

I wonder if JKR had plans for her at that point? She hints at Bill, but it's such a one-off line I don't think too many people pre-OoTP thought much of it, and she may have as well. Then again, OoTP does directly follow. But not for another three years!
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