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Heh. I probably never told you I used to play the recorder because by the time we met I'd just about quit my lessons because I was too busy with my study and everything. But yeah, I played it for a good 12 years or so, was even roped into playing in my high school orchestra ("you play an instrument passably well? ORCHESTRA").

There was definitely a sense of "big corporation trying to attack the little guys", and there wasn't really a precedence of people running popular fansites. Web 2.0, with people adding their own stuff online (like on Wikipedia) was barely a thing then. Fansites were run by corporations themselves. So Claire was really a unique case of "how are we going to deal with this". By the time TLC and MN came around, I think WB was resigned to it and maybe even realised that they could use this to their advantage by giving them access and new information. It's a pretty interesting bit of internet history, really, and it's quite amazing how much things changed in only a few years. Like you said, now there are thousands of Facebook pages of whatever fandom you can think of.

Hermione is such a snob to/about the Beauxbaton students! And it's so weird because on the other hand she is so enthusiastic about France cause she went there in the summer before PoA. But I guess that doesn't extend to students from a rival school. :p

Yeah good question on how much she had planned for Fleur and Bill.
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