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It's Epilogue Day! And I'm loving the pics and clips of people at King's Cross. It's honestly the last true big celebration we'll have - well, unless we make it to "50 years since PS came out' I guess (only 30 years to go so the odd are decent. Wonder what the world looks like then).

Somehow it feels odd and somewhat unreal that I reread the entire series earlier this year. I know I did - I just reread all my recaps :p - but it already feels so long ago when it's not even been six months. Another thing that struck me rereading the recaps just now was how, during TDH, PS already felt so long ago, even in the span of a few hours. Almost as if literally seven years had passed? I guess it's a mark of good character development of the main characters, if anything!

Needless to say (I mean, just look at the length of those recaps) I loved rereading the series. It was 100% nostalgia, especially the first four books. They made me feel like I was a teen in high school again, and at times I got almost whistful thinking of times gone by, what great years those were, etc. I can honestly say Harry Potter made me who I am today, I really wouldn't have been the same without it.

... which is not to say that the books are perfect, of course. Rereading them I was impressed with some of the tight plotting, the foreshadowing and minor hints (and the red herrings, lol), but with ten years' distance I also spotted the flaws better. It does feel a bit like the series got away from her a bit at the end. The last three books are almost too big, and OotP is uneven in its pacing. HBP got oddly romance-y, and TDH suddenly had the Hallows. Plus the camping. :p Which in hindsight wasn't as bad as everybody always made it out to be, but when we finally find out what's been going on at Hogwarts, it does come off as a huge missed opportunity. Like I said in my TDH recap, that book is the one that would have really benefited from a less Harry-centric or a more Hogwarts-centric focus.

Still, when that 50th anniversary rolls around? I'll still be there, grey hair and wrinkles and all, wearing a Ravenclaw scarf, waving a wand around and ranting about bloody stupid werewolves. :p

I did sort of a recap of the recap, to wrap up! There were some things that made me go 'huh?' as I read them which were explained later, so here they are.

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So, confession: I'm a huge Harry Potter nerd. I used to be worse about it (I literally have a Ravenclaw uniform stashed away somewhere) but cooled down over the past years (now I only wear Deathly Hallow earrings, drink tea from a Ravenclaw mug, own a Hogwarts crest t-shirt... ok I didn't get that much beter). It's also been years since I last read a Harry Potter book. But with the ten-year anniversary coming up, I felt that it was high time for a reread. After all, I literally haven't read some of these books for ten years - some of them even longer!
I planned it out and apparently if I read one book every two weeks I should finish the series by July 21, the ten year aniversary of the release of TDH. I'm also planning to read the mini-books (Fantastic Beasts, Quidditch, and Beedle the Bard) but I'm skipping The Cursed Child as once was way more than enough for THAT one.

I actually started the reread two weeks ago, beginning - of course - with Philosopher's Stone. I was surprised with how much nostalgia I felt, how much I still recognised and how much I had forgotten - athough most of it quickly came back to me in an "oh right! sort of way. Now, 17 years after I first read it (oh God), I could look at it with a bit more distance. It's not a perfect book by any means, but I really enjoyed how brilliant of a children's book it is, in the vein of Roald Dahl. The characters are simple but not dumb, it's a perfect world for kids who want to be heroes, and it never talks down to the reader. Jo also has a brilliant way with words with a delightful British sense of humor.
So yeah, I really enjoyed reading it again.

During my reading, I kept a notebook nearby to jot down my thoughts as I was reading it. I kind of wish I'd done this during my first reading of the book, way back when, as I barely remember how I took it. What I mostly remember is scoffing at the 'kids book' at first (my younger brother actually first got into HP as his teacher was reading it to his class at school; HP was also the first book he really got into, to the point where we took it on holiday and we actually skipped a day of activities so my brother could stay home and read!). But my interested was piqued anyway. I think I rushed through this in a couple of days, finishing it with the second book next to me so I continue straight away. Jo had sunk her claws in me. :p
Anyway, I typed up my notes this time around! It's a bit long and quite rambly, but nevertheles fun to read. Here they are, my genuine reactions to Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

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