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Linda ([personal profile] lindalupos) wrote 2017-06-17 11:01 am (UTC)

Hi, welcome!

Yeah, Sirius no doubt made it very clear what he thought of the DEs, and given that the prisoners of Azkaban apparently had some means of communicating, he probably made it even clearer once he was in prison. Plus given what they knew about him already (especially his cousins), they would have had no problem believing him when he said Peter had set him up (and like you said, they probably even already knew of Peter ratting the Potters out). Which ironically makes the bad guys the only ones who ACTUALLY believed he is innocent! :p Man, Sirius's whole life is just an exercise in pathos and dramatic irony.

Haha yes, pop POP!

Ugh Kloves. Just. Ugh Kloves.

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